Lalique Longchamp Car Mascot
Fine example of the model no. 1152A Longchamp A  Double Mane mascot
The first of the Lalique radiator caps created in 1929, and only in production for a very short time, this symbolic horse head design presented as a René Lalique hood ornament. This model 1152 A, likely as a result of production issues and lacking a mounting groove for easier base fitment, was replaced only a few months after release by a (single mane) 1152 B version of different design.
Often on this rare 1152 Longchamp A version a groove has been carved around the base to facilitate fitting in a hood ornament mount or bookend base, also cutting through the molded signature. It is very rare to find to find an example such as this one, not modified in this or some other way. 
Offered here is a very fine piece with no chips, grinding, restoration or groove cutting. In clear glass exhibiting good mold quality and a greyish hue and wonderful silky feel. A superb example likely as good as it gets. Some mold lines and minor air bubbles are apparent as part of the production technique of the time. 
Strong molded ‘R. LALIQUE’ with double-tailed Q on the front right top of the base and faintly molded 'FRANCE’ on the rear left. 
Length 15cm
See here for more information about the rare Longchamps A hood ornament.
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