Rene Lalique Mascot

RenĂ© Lalique radiator cap or hood ornaments always available - FOR SALE

If you are looking for a particular example of R. Lalique radiator design please contact us - we are proud to always carry in stock most if not all models, with many sold before being listed on our website. We are also pleased to take commissions to source particular pieces or enquiries for a complete collection.

We strive to stock only the finest examples for sale. 

The 29 (or 30 depending on your point of view) mascot models invariably exist in two or more different versions and we would be happy to discuss the nuances or more obvious variations of each. A complete collection would, in our view, have each catalogued variant of each model. We also recommend exercising caution when buying, given the copies, modern reproductions and repaired or modified examples that often come to market. Again, we would be happy to advise on any prospective purchase, transparently and independently.